What Business Owners are saying about Bridget

BRIDGET DiCELLO is an expert in getting things done by helping leaders determine HOW they will address their biggest challenges, not IF they can overcome these obstacles. In her most recent book, “HOW, not IF, to Navigate Difficult Conversations”, Bridget offers practical solutions to common uncomfortable situations in which leaders frequently find themselves. Typically Bridget’s clients include business owners with 10-100 employees.

As a highly successful Executive Business Coach, Bridget works one-on-one with successful business owners and professionals across diverse industries and helps owners analyze their business, refine their goals, and make changes that fundamentally and permanently improve their success.

Believing there is enormous undiscovered potential in team members everywhere, Bridget offers practical strategies in her first book, “Opportunity Space”, to use that space between when someone says or does something and when you respond, a concept Bridget has been using to revolutionize organizations for over a decade.

Bridget brings 15 plus years of experience from running Nursing Homes and Retirement Communities to coaching owners and executive teams in small businesses, mid-size companies, Fortune 100 and Inc. 500 firms. Born and raised in snowy Buffalo, NY, Bridget currently resides in Memphis, TN. Her education includes an MBA from the University at Buffalo, a BS from Alfred University, and a Certified Training Professional certification from the University of Mississippi.