What Business Owners are saying about Bridget

A Less Painful Way to Write Goals


If you don’t know where you want to go, you’ll probably never get there. But why does “write goals” have to be such a dreaded phrase, and why do so many business owners and professionals not have written goals – or at least none besides a revenue number? Have you thought about writing or already written a draft of your... Read More

The First Bite of the Elephant


People can change and improve their performance. However, people change slowly and often with reluctance. Think of a bad habit you have. Have you tried to improve it? It’s tough to change. But, on your team, you need strong performers, and those who can overcome their challenges and continue to move your business forward! Improving performance can feel like eating... Read More

The Joy of Work


Sure work can be stressful and at times, unenjoyable, but there is amazing value in working hard. Leaders may make the mistake of believing that employees are doing them a favor by working for them – and approach them very cautiously because of that. But, the benefits of working with a group of people to accomplish something great, and learning... Read More

Saying “Yes”, Saying “No”


Generally, we all like to hear, “Yes,” and have a hard time saying, “No.” However, keep in mind that when you say, “Yes” to one thing, you say, “No” to something else. When you say, “Yes” to working on one project, you say, “No” to working on something else that may be more urgent or important. When you say, “Yes”... Read More

Do Something


The only way things get done is to do something. Sounds pretty simple, doesn’t it? But how often do we have a conversation, hold a meeting, or delegate without setting a specific expectation, defining specific action items, and giving a deadline. All of these items are necessary in order to make sure something actually gets done. Expectations are often nonspecific... Read More

The Business Frontier


While idealistic strategy, project plans and innovative approaches designed in the ‘laboratory‘ of business planning are important to a business; no business, especially a small to medium size one, will succeed without a successful team of employees. Seems so basic – yet how much time do you spend on the front line versus on these plans or the bottom line?... Read More

Monkey Management


One of the most common conversations I have with leaders is about monkey management, which is essentially about who assumes responsibility for what in your company. An employee brings you a problem (a monkey hanging on their back, weighing them down). Generally, a good leader will listen – the employee is struggling and needs help figuring out how to handle... Read More

Overwhelmed by Regulations on Small Business?


The “maddening pace of illogical and unnecessary regulation” is no doubt affecting you and your business every day. On top of all that, maybe the proposed 200 pages of Fair Labor Standards Act changes to come into effect in 2016 apply to your salaried exempt managers. Since 1994 the number of regulations approved per year has ranged from 228 to... Read More