The Problem:

As a Private Practice Doctor, your decisions affect the health of your patients. Your job is stressful enough without the additional challenges of owning your own business!

Is your blood pressure skyrocketing yet? Don’t worry- Bridget will take some of the weight off of your shoulders by guiding and assisting you through all of the large and small tasks associated with running a business.

If you…

  • would like to focus on caring for patients rather than managing office drama
  • want to improve patient satisfaction and associated referrals
  • want to solve problems quickly and efficiently
  • want to navigate an intense regulatory environment successfully and minimize declining reimbursements
  • need to grow your practice, or want to seek out new areas for growth
  • are having a hard time getting employees to achieve your desired results
  • are worn out and need help enjoying your job again
  • need someone to help refine your goals and keep you moving forward towards achieving them
  • want an experienced business professional who can help you avoid ownership pitfalls

… then contact Bridget today!

Bridget’s Solutions:

  • Communicating the art of hiring, and sometimes firing, intelligently and effectively
  • Helping you to be more effective, efficient and sales/marketing-oriented than ever before
  • Assistance in creating marketing plans that do not require a lot of YOUR time and award great ROI for your efforts
  • Assistance growing and increasing profit margins long-term
  • Providing tools and guidance to understand performance issues and increase the productivity of your team members
  • Allowing you targeted time to work ON your own business, rather than within it
  • Alleviating your stress by providing personal support, guidance, and stability
  • Organizing your goals and processes in order to allow you to be a better leader and achieve an optimal doctor/owner balance
  • Guidance through the transition from medical expert to your additional role as an effective leader and business owner


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