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  • Bridget enables me to dig deeper inside myself to find the answers and solutions that are most effective with my working style.

    Jack, Founder & Chief Technology Officer, Elliptical Hosting
  • Bridget’s coaching has helped me develop the ability to stand in front of my peers and give a presentation, and she has helped me build the...

    Adrienne, Master Barber & Stylist
  • Bridget DiCello’s Leadership class was an intense gut check on how to do business. Business Owners, Executives, Non Profits, and Professionals can all benefit by learning...

    Tim, Executive Director, BNI Louisiana/Mississippi
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    Adrienne, Chief Creative Director, Design the Planet
  • Bridget has kept us sane and profitable! We hired Bridget to help us manage the chaos of our growing/successful Brand Marketing Agency when it was still...

    Robert, Catholic Way Investments Advisor
  • The most important thing Bridget has helped me understand, implement, and accomplish so far is efficient hiring skills. This has made all the difference because it...

    Pat, DC, Chiropractor, Owner of The Joint Wolfchase
  • Bridget DiCello has a very practical approach to both her writing and practice which can be transferred easily to her clients, regardless of their background. Her...

    Edward (Ed), Owner, Command Consulting
  • Through Bridget’s guidance and feedback, I was able to grow my business in Memphis as well as Columbus, OH.  Bridget’s personality, business acumen and ability to...

    Barna, President at KDevelopers, LLC
  • The most important thing Bridget has helped me understand and accomplish so far is how to clearly identify my target market and the value I can...

    Jack, Founder & Chief Technology Officer, Elliptical Hosting
  • Bridget’s coaching has helped me develop a strategic plan and stay on track to accomplish specific goals.

    Stefanie, CEO, Barrett Creative

A Less Painful Way to Write Goals

If you don’t know where you want to go, you’ll probably never get there.

But why does “write goals” have to be such a dreaded phrase, and why do so many business owners and professionals not have written goals – or at least none besides a revenue number?

Have you thought about writing or already written a draft of your goals for 2015?

Top Excuses for not writing goals:
5. They are already in my head, very clearly.
4. I can’t predict the future – who knows what next year will look like in these crazy economic times, I’m just going to keep working extra hard all year like I did this year.
3. If I write them down on paper, and don’t reach them…I’ll have failed!
2. This year we survived and even thrived, we’re just going to keep doing to same things.
1. Things work best when I go with my gut in the moment.

Do you wish it could be easier and less painful? It can. Try these steps.

Steps to write effective goals:
1. Write a list of the Top 50 things you most want to accomplish in 2015. These are things that you want – these are not goals. To do this, think of everything and anything that bugs you and put the opposite on your list of “I wants.” You weren’t able to buy that piece of capital equipment this year? Write – “I want to purchase xxx.” Your employees are not taking initiative? “I want Paul to take initiative and responsibility for xxx.” Think big – about what you really want for your business. If all the pieces fell into place, what could happen?

2. Group these I wants into categories of related topics to be able to focus your efforts.

3. Identify the top three items that you are most excited about.

4. Choose 3-5 groupings which you want to turn into goals. Rewrite them as SMART goals, Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic and Time-oriented (have a deadline for completion.)

5. Identify and acknowledge the one which will be most difficult to achieve.

6. Take each end-of-year goal and break it down into what you need to achieve each quarter and month in order to reach the end of year goal.

A majority of business owners do not write a complete list of goals. Many just have a revenue number goal. You don’t need to write goals in order to stay in business, but your chances of achieving great success with your business is much better if your clarify your goals enough to write them and write them clearly enough to share them with those on your team.