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What Meeting Planners are saying about Bridget

  • Bridget DiCello’s Leadership class was an intense gut check on how to do business. Business Owners, Executives, Non Profits, and Professionals can all benefit by learning...

    Tim, Executive Director, BNI Louisiana/Mississippi
  • Bridget’s style of delivery and mix of content and action items make her a remarkable presenter. Bridget’s expertise in the field of communication and effectiveness makes...

    Elizabeth, Building Blocks Social Media, MPISCC’s Education Conference
  • Bridget has provided my management team with some invaluable coaching and training. Our team has seen a lot of change in the past three years and...

    Chris, Director IT, Countermeasures and Intelligence at FedEx Services
  • I have known Bridget for several years; we served on a Board together. Bridget is business savvy and tells it like it is. She is a...

    Nancy, Marketing & Communications Director, Better Business Bureau
  • I hired Bridget to consult with me and my staff about how to manage and lead Downtown. She was easy to work with and gave solid...

    Paul, President & City Builder, Downtown Memphis Commission
  • Bridget DiCello has a very practical approach to both her writing and practice which can be transferred easily to her clients, regardless of their background. Her...

    Edward (Ed), Owner, Command Consulting
  • Bridget is amazing! She spoke at an event years ago on effective networking. Her simple and effective networking tips helped me become Vice President and eventually...

    Josh, Sales Consultant, IBR Payroll

The Problem:

As an Independent Meeting Planner, you juggle multiple tasks daily to ensure that events run smoothly for your clients, making it difficult to dedicate time to the smooth operation of your own business.

With Bridget’s guidance, your company will soon be operating like a well-oiled machine! From hiring and delegation to systems and processes, she has the solutions that will lead you to further growth and success.

If you…

  • need to grow your company, or want to seek out new areas of growth
  • need help creating a targeted marketing and sales plan to increase sales
  • want to add members to your team while still increasing your profit margin
  • want to be able to delegate tasks to a team without sacrificing quality
  • need help preparing for the ebbs and flows of business
  • are worn and want to enjoy owning your own business again
  • need someone to help you refine your goals and keep you moving forward towards achieving them
  • want the input of an experienced business professional who can help you avoid ownership pitfalls
  • know you could grow faster if you had help making good decisions and putting solid processes in place

… then contact Bridget today!


Bridget’s Solutions:

  • Guidance in hiring and managing a team in an effective way that results in a greater profit margin
  • Helping decide which tasks to delegate in order to deliver optimum quality while decreasing your personal workload
  • Assistance in building a company that has long-term staying power through the creation and implementation of solid systems and processes
  • Preparing and organizing plans for the unexpected variables that enter into your day, week and year as a business owner
  • Assistance in all aspects of ownership, including meeting planning, evaluation delivery, the hiring process, and performance measurement tools
  • Allowing you targeted time to work ON your own business, rather than within it
  • Providing initiatives to increase accountability among team members while still inspiring and motivating them
  • Alleviating your stress by providing personal support, guidance, and stability
  • Guidance through the transition from being an expert in your industry to your additional role as an effective leader and business owner


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