What Business Owners are saying about Bridget

If you are considering coaching as the way to become a better leader, solve problems, make better hiring decisions, increase productivity, and meet (or exceed) your goals, then Bridget may be the Coach for you. Keep in mind that successful coaching and improvement will take time. Some goals can be reached quickly while others may take months, but if you are ready to improve and grow as a business owner then contact Bridget and schedule your first consultation to learn more about how she can help.

Once you are committed to getting a coach, and you find the right one, how does coaching work?

Ideally you should meet with your coach over the phone or in person weekly for best results. Bridget will learn about your company and the major issues you are facing. Together you will set a priority to put out the “largest fires” first – then once they are under control you will meet to attack and understand the other issues at hand. Meeting weekly is a very powerful investment and the hour and a half you invest each week will pay big dividends over time. Read a few of the testimonials (unedited) about Bridget and her coaching.

Outside of the meetings you will have action items to accomplish and plans to act on throughout the week before the next conversation. Your time is valuable and there are only so many hours in the day. Bridget will work with you to make sure any action items you have are well worth your time and energy.

Bridget has worked for business owners and leaders in a multitude of industries allowing her to bring outside perspective, experience, and new ideas to the table again and again.

Success in your business can mean so many things. Here are a few successes that Bridget has helped others achieve (unedited).

Bridget’s coaching has helped me:

  • Discover my strengths, passion and profitability
  • Discern priorities
  • Gain direction and clarity in what I need to accomplish
  • Develop a strategic plan and stay on track to accomplish specific goals
  • Significantly grow my business
  • Tackle the big issue facing my business
  • Build a business, manage a business, manage employees, set goals, coach employees, make dreams a reality, discover greatness, discern priorities, sell a business for a profit