Coaching Business Owners to Success

What Female Owners are saying about Bridget

The Problem

Being a Business Owner can be an uphill battle on both Mars & Venus, but running a woman-owned business presents its own unique set of challenges.

As a fellow Female Business Owner, Bridget can personally relate to your issues and provide you with the guidance and focus needed to overcome obstacles and utilize your strengths.

If you…

  • feel guilty playing “bad cop” and need help leading with a firm hand
  • need to grow your company, or want to seek out new areas of growth
  • need to create a targeted marketing and sales plan to increase sales
  • are having a hard time getting employees to achieve your desired results
  • are worn and want to enjoy owning your own business again
  • need to fire certain employees – but hiring is not successful
  • need someone to help you refine your goals and keep you moving forward towards achieving them
  • want the input of an experienced business professional who can help you avoid ownership pitfalls
  • know you could grow faster if you had help making good decisions and putting solid processes in place

… then contact Bridget today!

Memphis NAWBO Meeting

Featuring Bridget DiCello


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11:30am, November 11, 2014

at the Chickasaw Country Club, 3395 Galloway Ave, Memphis


Bridget’s Solutions:

  • Guidance in developing processes that strengthen and improve the performance of your key team members
  • Training you to communicate effectively with your personnel in order to get the results you need
  • Communicating tactics and techniques that allow you to tackle difficult conversations with confidence and ease
  • Assistance growing and increasing profit margins long-term
  • Allowing you targeted time to work ON your own business, rather than within it
  • Providing initiatives to increase accountability among team members while still inspiring and motivating them
  • Alleviating your stress by providing personal support, guidance, and stability
  • Organizing your goals and processes in order to allow you to be a better leader and deliver optimal results
  • Guidance through the transition from being an expert in your industry to your additional role as an effective leader and business owner



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