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bookCoverLargeOpportunity Space

This powerful concept that has been transforming businesses for years is now available in print!

Seize the Opportunity Space, that moment between when someone speaks or does something, and you respond!

When we get emotional, our conversations cease to be productive. Relationships are built or destroyed, employees are inspired or demoralized, customer relationships are enhanced or hurt and prospects become clients or are lost, all because of the effectiveness of the conversations that occur.

Learn quickly how to create purposeful interactions, energize employees and produce powerful business results.

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Bridget_2012_How_Not_If_book_frontHOW, not IF, to Navigate Difficult Conversations

The Resource Book for Busy Leaders who Understand the need for Successful Conversations! As a leader, you don’t always have the time to read a book from cover to cover!

  1. Find the article you need.
  2. Read it in under a minute.
  3. Gain insight into situations you are facing NOW!

The book is designed for busy leaders who need a resource to turn to for insight into many situations where their conversations become difficult with employees, colleagues, and others important to their success.

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