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Problems Solved

Growing Your Business

Is your business successful, but you are ready to grow it to the next level? Would you like to look at new ways to do what you are doing better?

Handling Employees

Are you successful, but see unrealized potential in your team members? Are you having a hard time getting employees to do what you want them to do?

Company Performance

Do you wish you had a better handle on how well your company is performing? Could you use help making good decisions and putting a process in place to do so?

Maximizing Your Profit Margin

Is your business generating revenue, yet you feel that you are not maximizing your profit margin? Do you need help creating a marketing and sales plan in order to increase sales?

Bridget’s Books

What is the Opportunity Space?Opportunity Space

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Why I wrote this book the way I did.HOW, not IF, to
Navigate Difficult

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Testimonials (unedited)

What Business Owners Are
Saying About Bridget

“Bridget’s coaching has helped me look at the total picture. It takes so many components to run a successful business, and all must be tuned to work together as efficiently as a watch. If one gear fails, the entire watch fails.”
-Mick, CEO, Corporate IQ, Inc.

“Bridget is excellent at evaluating the root cause of problems- not just what they appear to be on the surface.”
-Stefanie, CEO, Barrett Creative

“The most important thing Bridget has taught me how to implement and accomplish so far is setting goals and measuring progress towards their achievement. Also, she helped me think through a major transition and communicate the changes effectively to trainers and clients.”
-Mike, Owner, Healthy Habits Fitness

“Bridget’s coaching has helped me tackle the big issues facing my business and allows me to step outside of the day-to-day and work on my business on a regular basis.”
-Matt, CPA, Owner, Patrick Accounting

“I don’t think I would be in business without Bridget’s coaching. I can think of specific situations in which Bridget’s advice saved my company.”
-Christy, MD, Owner, Valentine Medical Center

“Bridget’s coaching has helped me…
1) Stay sane- it is lonely at the top
2) Build plans to grow my company successfully
3) Grow into a business owner
4) Understand how to review and analyze a financial statement
5) Create interview questions that help me find the people I need
6) Learn how to talk to my team”
-Adrienne, Chief Creative Director, Design the Planet


Tips & Techniques from Bridget

Discovering and
Accessing Potential

Successful Business
or Pounding Headache?

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